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Breathtaking Aerial Photographs of Colorful African Landscapes

Far surpassing common aerial photography, Brooklyn-based photographer Zack Seckler transforms southern Africa into living landscapes pulsing with color and wonder in his series Botswana. Using an ultra-light aircraft, Seckler photographed the entire series less than 500 feet above ground. The low elevation allows Botswana to blossom with exquisite detail while painting a poetic whole, each image bursting with a roaming vitality. The photos feel fluid and moving, each creature dotted across a textural abstraction of vegetation and glassy waters. Here we are given an omnipresent vision, examining a lush world with fresh perspective when captured at this bird’s-eye view. A delicate balance that is both miniscule and infinite, Seckler allows the terrain of Africa to breathe free, each magical landscape running wildly into the blue.

Botswana premieres as Seckler’s first photographic exhibition at Robin Rice Gallery in New York City from January 15th to February 23rd, 2014.

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This heart-warming display of affection took place in Port Lockroy, a natural harbour in the Antarctic Peninsula. It was captured on camera by professional photographer Silviu Ghetie. The pair stand hand in hand appearing to stare out at the dramatic vista of the frozen Antarctic landscape and even get the cold shoulder from a passerby. Then, still holding each other, they wander down to the icy waters and the rest of their friends. Article 

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If you ever need to find that corner of the world where things just are, where you can sit in the natural silence of the world alone and breathe in the sunlight, taste the salt of the sea and feel that life is just simply beautiful…then come to Cumberland Island. My heart will be there waiting for you…

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do you ever just meet someone who you think you wouldn’t really get close to but then like a year later they’ve become very close and dear to you and you just kinda think, wow im really glad i met this person i don’t know what i’d do without them