'Sup. My name is Blaze. I live in New York (currently abroad tho). I like things.

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The fact that this year Easter is on 4/20 just makes this pic even better

blaze it and praise it

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Is there a site where I can read rat queens online or download it for free?

You can buy the first trade on comixology for $5. C’mon man. $5 for 7 months of work Roc and I put into making the series.

Total Gary move

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I am, and will remain virulently pro mage freedom. 

But I will ride Cullen like the magnificent war horse he is.

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#god damn renner #jeremy renner


so pietro had a blood nose in all-new x factor #5 and apparently it was a huge struggle for me?? tbh this whole character has become a huge struggle for me every day it feels like i’m fighting a losing battle please send reinforcements also a donut

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what the tell happened?

(this) and (this) post please. and someone should really tell clint.

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people are always ragging on hawke’s gift-giving skills but to be fair hawke gives amazing gifts to their friends

gifts like ‘congratulations you’re alive’ ‘probably no other social group in thedas would have you but mine included you!’ and my favorite ‘never being the most awkward person in the gang’ these gifts are invaluable

#dragon age #fuuuuck
#it's always sunny
#it's always sunny


Animated artwork by Rebecca Mock

Fine, detailed and subtle animated artwork created by New York illustrator Rebecca Mock. Apparently the animated gif back to stay, gradually more and more people are exploring this old format and customers asking for shouting. Several of these illustrations were created for the New York Times or The Warlus magazine.

#Illustration #animation #art!